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Metalworking Addition to Website

I have been doing a considerable amount of metalworking projects lately so I added a "Metalworking" page to my website.  It's difficult to hole up in the basement doing woodworking projects during the summer months here in Wisconsin.  My metalworking is done primarily in the garage and outdoors because of all the smoke, fire and sparks which my wife (and I'm guessing the Fire Department) doesn't want in the house.  Although I have been sticking metal together for several decades, I can devote more time to it in my retirement years which started by taking a welding class at the local technical college.  It's a fun hobby that not only provides enhancements to our home and yard, but also provides a means to make strong, functional tools, jigs and fixtures.  I hope you enjoy some of the metalworking blog articles on my website!

Pantry Door Scroll

Metal scroll work above our pantry door gives it a little more visual appeal.


Back to the Future Clock

A neighbor asked me to help with a "Back to the Future" clock face he wanted to make for his daughter. Starting with a sketch of the infamous clock face, I was able to design a 3D model in Vectric's Aspire software and cut it using my CNC router. Please see this blog for details.
BTF Clock


3D CNC Flag & Eagle

Flag and Eagle

Carved from Oak, this flag & eagle was cut on my CNC router. I plan on many more 3D CNC projects in the future.


Wooden Clocks and Kinetic Art

In an effort to design and build wooden clocks and kinetic art, I purchased Art Fenerty's "Gearotic" software.  Anyone interested in such contraptions can find information here: Gearotic.com

Below is a YouTube link to the Autotrain feature of Gearotic. Perhaps you can see why I'm excited about this awesome software!


Gearotic Autotrain Intro

Neo-Classical Mantle Clock

My first project in 2017 was this beautiful mantle clock made with the CNC router.  Please check this blog for details on it's construction.


Completed Clock

The project turned out beautiful. A quartz clock movement from Klockit completes the Neo-Classical Mantle Clock.


Precision Matthews 1022V Lathe

Inevitably, woodworking and metalworking cross paths.  In my attempt to build clocks and other mechanisms, shafts, bushings, spacers, etc. need to be fabricated for the project.  My old Craftsman bench lathe was a bit small so I sold it and purchased a Precision Matthews 1022V lathe that is not only more rigid, but also has more capabilities than the old Craftsman.  For details on my new toy, please check the blog!



Zinnia Kinetic Sculpture

I purchased the Zinnia kinetic sculpture plans from Clayton Boyer as a means of understanding the engine powering concentric counter rotating axes seen on many such contrivances.  Using springs instead of weights is new to me so there is a lot to learn.  I purchased a couple of varieties, a grandfather clock main spring and a dual spool constant torque Neg'tor spring.  It will be an adventure learning how to safely handle these beasts as they look intimidating when they are tightly wound.  Oh well, that's why they make band-aids!


Zinnia uses ball bearings on the main shaft components so I'm waiting for an overseas shipment that will take several weeks.  That's OK because there is a lot of work to do after the parts are cut on the CNC in preparation for assembly.


Update March 1, 2016: Zinnia is complete! Visit my blog page for details of construction and see it in action!


Zinnia Parts

These are the wooden parts that make up the engine powering Zinnia. The big black piece underneath is one of two blanks for the wheels making the visual art of the sculpture.


CNC Router

I have decided to invest in a CNC router and use it as a source of income.  This will rank near the top of my endeavors in terms of complexity because I am building the CNC machine from a kit using a Porter Cable 690 series router which I already own.  A significant software learning curve lies ahead.  I have chosen VCarve Pro and Cut 3D from Vectric for the CAD-CAM portion and Mach3 from Newfangled Solutions for the control portion.  The kit is a 2626 Pilot Pro from PDJ Inc. located in St. Helens, OR.  I have been on the phone several times with Phil and Suzy at PDJ refining my kit package and terms.  I know I made the right choice with PDJ because their cooperation and patience is outstanding.   Please check the blog for progress on this massive project.