My name is Mark Lazarz; welcome to my brag website that showcases some of my woodworking projects. What better way than having a website devoted to my hobby! Here you will see images of my finished pieces as well as some construction and assembly photos. It’s kind of fun showing how I got from point A to Point B on a project and this website is a perfect venue.

Posted links include some of my favorite tools, hardware, software, supplies etc. I’m not endorsing any particular vendor, but rather informing you of my choices based on research and excellent service experience. You will also find blog pages detailing some of my projects.

Since it’s my website and I can post anything that I want here, you may see some pages devoted to various other interests like metalworking, gardening, bird watching and other things as the mood strikes. Check back occasionally to see whats new. I hope you find something of interest!

WML Portrait