Acorn Lidded Box

One of the great things about wood turning is the variety of things that you can produce on the lathe. Each piece is unique because you, not a computer, control the tool. The way the wood is mounted in relation to the grain determines the tools used to accomplish the task. Lidded boxes are end grain hollowed vessels, typically with tight fitting lids and they can be made in a variety of shapes. I purchased some training DVD’s from Ron Brown whom I have seen on the Woodworking Show tour in Milwaukee. He is an excellent teacher and all around nice guy making a living with a wood lathe. Below are a couple of photos of my first attempt at making an acorn lidded box using Walnut for the nut and Russian Olive for the crown.

Fitting the Lid

The lid is drilled with a Forestner bit so the sides are perfectly parallel. When the nut is hollowed, the lid is fit by creeping up on the tenon until a suction fit is achieved.

A Perfect Fit

The cap fits perfectly so the nut can be parted off.

Completed Acorn

These little acorn boxes are fun and easy to make. Who knows what treasures can be hidden inside?