Aerial Still Photos

Home Looking SE

Photo of our home looking southeast. The horizon line appears curved due to the focal length of the lens on the GoPro camera.

Looking east from our home

It’s amazing what you don’t see when there are trees everywhere. Once you get above the trees, the beautiful scenery is revealed. Looking east from our home we see Kettle Hills golf course and the adjacent subdivision.

Basse's Corn Maze

Basse’s farm on Cty Q in Colegate, WI plants corn that they cut into a maze for Fall family fun. The maze can be seen at the lower left of the photo. The camera points west.

Corn Maze

Here is an isolated view of the maze that was edited in Photoshop to remove lens and perspective distortion. The maze theme in 2014 was “Sponge Cob Corn Pants”.

St. Gabriel Flea Market

Each year, St. Gabriel parish hosts a huge flea market that attracts hundreds of people. This photo looks over the church steeple to the north.

Glacier Hills 1

Glacier Hills County Park on a cloudy day overlooking Friess Lake.

Glacier Hills 2

Another view of Glacier Hills County Park, Washington County, WI.

Richfield Historical Park 1

Richfield Historical Park looking west.

Richfield Historical Park 2

Another view of Richfield Historical Park showing the grain mill looking north east.