Birdfeeder Project with Neighbor

I have a very nice neighbor Tom who is stuck inside this winter because his left eye quit working.  His doctor says it will return to normal but there is nothing that can be done other than let time take it’s course.  I asked if he wanted to do a small project in my wood shop to keep him from going stir crazy and he reluctantly agreed because he has no depth perception.  I promised that anything he did would be safe because his guardian angel (me), would be watching.  The project was a fly through feeder made of Cedar.  Since I had made several of these in the past, I knew that this project could be completed in about 3 hours and that Tom could perform many of the operations safely himself.  Here are a few pictures of Tom making and shaping some of the components and finally holding the completed feeder.  Tom is an avid bird feeder as I am so it was an excellent project to initiate a relationship that, hopefully, will bridge the gap between neighbor and friend.


Cross cutting

Using a compound sliding miter saw, Tom is cutting boards to length

Assembling the base

The base was made by ripping a warped 1 x 12 in half, jointing, then re-gluing and sanding flat

Gluing uprights

Gluing the uprights to the base prior to securing them with deck screws

Gluing sides

Spreading glue for attaching the sides to the base also held securely with pneumatically driven brads

Routing roof shingle

Each half of the roof is made from 3 shingles that must nest to avoid water infiltration. Here Tom is routing the notch in a shingle.

Completed feeder

Tom with his goofy eye holding the completed feeder