Captive Ring Tool

There are many ways to cut captive rings and specialty tools are sold to accomplish the task. I decided to make my own captive ring tool from an Allen wrench, the tricky part being the shape of the grind. I tried many different shapes without success before hitting one that worked. The various grinds were tried using a grip lock pliers to hold the wrench while proving the design. I cannot give exact details on the tool other than show you a close up of the cutting edge. The tool is capable of cutting captive rings extremely close to the stem and the under side of the ring is nicely radiused.

Closeup of captive ring tool

Here is the shape of the grind that works excellent as a captive ring cutting tool.

Captive ring tool with handle

The captive ring tool is held in a Maple handle with a copper ferrule.

Captive rings on a goblet

A completed wedding goblet with a couple of captive rings made with the custom tool.

Engagement Goblet

One captive ring, this goblet made of Cherry signifies engagement.