Compost Bin

Now that Marilyn has retired, she wants to spend more time in the garden and she has been studying composting.  The order was put in to the manufacturing department (me) for a cedar compost bin with 3 compartments that she saw in a magazine.  I used SketchUp to draw the bin and made it using the drawing for dimensions.


SketchUp Drawing of Compost Bin. It has 3 compartments and the sides are removable. They can be stacked to the level of compost.

Work in Progress

Some completed posts with boards to be used for the sides.

Drilling Holes

Each guide had 7 holes for 3″ screws. 280 holes had to be drilled for the guides.

Spreading the Glue

Lots of Titebond III was used because it is waterproof. Each post was secured to the base with two 6″ screws.

Squeeze Out

I think there is enough glue so it’s time to draw the post down with screws from the bottom.

Looking Good

Almost looks like the drawing!

Delivery Vehicle

The completed bin without sides was quite heavy so I recruited the help of a neighbor to lift it onto a utility trailer for transport to the garden.

Ready for Use

In place and level, Marilyn is anxious to start composting.