Gluing Jig

I have made various gluing jigs over the years but never one specifically for pipe clamps. I have several of these versatile clamps but sometimes they are unwieldly because the handles hit the table, they are hard to align and they like to tip over. I saw an article in a magazine about a guy that used broom holders to solve these problems so I made a couple of them with evenly spaced spring clamps and they work like a charm.

Gluing Jig 1

Four foot lengths of plywood and Oak formed the base holding the broom spring clamps. Each rack can be moved to accommodate pipes of varying lengths and the racks can be clamped to the assembly table for stability. The risers are high enough so that the clamp handles do not contact the base.

Gluing Jig 2

The racks clamped in place with a strip of wax paper placed where the glue joint will be located to prevent staining.

Gluing Jig 3

Some strips of Maple and Walnut being clamped together for a cutting board.

Gluing Jig 4

Easily adjustable lengths of the pipe clamps make this jig useful for many gluing projects. When not in use, the racks can be stored with a minimum of space.