Intarsia Raccoon

I didn’t take many photographs of this project because this website wasn’t on my radar at the time. Intarsia is the art of cutting wood of various species taking into consideration color, grain direction and even imperfections. After the wood is selected, it is cut using a scroll saw to very exact tolerances. Then each piece is shaped using various sanding devices to give the finished piece it’s dimensionality. The individual pieces are glued to a conforming substrate like plywood or hardboard and then finished with a few coats of urethane. I hope to make more intarsia projects in the future and I will take photographs along the way so you can see what is involved in the process.

Raccoon Pieces

The raccoon parts were made from Western Red Cedar, Aspen, Walnut and Ebony.

Finished Raccoon

Here is the final assembly of the raccoon. It now graces our family room wall.