Kitchen Remodel – Before and After

The kitchen remodel project is extensive because it involves making the cabinets, replacing the floor, removing soffits, drywall, new counter tops and anything else that pops up along the way.  This post shows the before and after of the project and other posts detail some of the construction.  We started planning the project in January 2013 and completed the project December 2013, nearly a year later. Check out the blog posts for more information.

Louvered Pantry Door

The pantry was concealed by ugly louvered slide-by doors on a track that didn’t work very well.

Stove Cabinet 1

Here is our 20+ year old electric stove in the equally old custom made cabinets.

Stove Cabinet 2

Another view of the old cabinet showing the very old refrigerator.

Sink Cabinet

The existing sink cabinet had a raised back splash which we never used for that purpose. The overhead cabinets will be permanently removed.


A view from our family room looking into our newly remodeled kitchen. The back side of the sink island is a bookshelf.

Kitchen 2

A view of the sink island from the kitchen looking into the family room.

Kitchen 3

Cathedral arches grace the upper cabinets and the lower cabinets incorporate drawers exclusively.