Memorial Bench Repair

A neighbor and active member of Daniel Boone Conservation League commissioned a replacement back for a memorial bench on the club grounds. The original bench back appeared to have been laser engraved but suffered severe weathering to make it unreadable. A V-Carved back was selected for the replacement because even if it becomes weathered, it will still be readable.

Shellac Coat

A 2×12 Douglas Fir board was milled to 1″ thick and two coats of dewaxed shellac were applied before carving.

CNC Setup

The bench back was longer than the bed of my CNC router so shims were used to elevate the work above the Y axis machine components.

V-Carving Bench Back

The design was completed using Vectric’s V-Carve Pro software and the back was carved in three separate operations.

Jerry Holding Carved Back

Jerry poses with the completed carving. The letters and graphics were filled with black ink and HVLP sprayed with 3 coats of spar varnish.

Existing Bench

Here is a look at the bench that had weathered.

Removing Rain Cap

Jerry removing the rain cap from the old wood.

Support Beams

The stone sides have embedded 2x4s that support the bench back.

Attaching the New Back

Mark attaches the new back to the 2x4s using outdoor rated hardware. The rain cap was then put back in place.

Completed Repair

A look at the new bench back. Hopefully the back will last several years before needing replacement.