Number 6 Wooden Clock

After purchasing my Excalibur 21″ scroll saw, I decided to order plans for a wooden clock from Clayton Boyer. I selected the “Number Six” clock because Clayton’s website indicated it was for beginners with no clock experience. Most of the clock components were made from Baltic Birch plywood because of it’s stability. The plans were very detailed and I muddled through the cutting process for a week or so and then fiddled with fine tuning the clock for about two months. I don’t have many photographs because this website didn’t exist at the time.

The clock has been running for a couple of years and it keeps nearly perfect time. Every now and then, the clock will stop because of the humidity level. During periods of high humidity, the wood swells enough to stop the movement, a condition that a lot of wooden clocks suffer. Nevertheless, the project was very rewarding and it’s a lot of fun watching the big escape wheel drive the pendulum. The drive weight (4.5 pounds) and pendulum are filled with lead shot for ballast. There is no finish on the clock because it would cause too much friction for the clock to run.


The components of the clock have been cut and need to be sanded before assembly.



The clock was mounted to a 2×4 in my shop during the initial stages of assembly.



Closeup of the clock as it now looks mounted to our family room wall.



My intarsia raccoon is mounted next to the clock to provide added interest.