Our great nephew Rylind suffered a vicious dog attack recently so he is home recuperating. Like most 5 year olds, he is fascinated with dinosaurs so we wanted to provide something for him to do while recovering. The CNC router came to mind because I know of a website www.makecnc.com that has hundreds, maybe thousands of models that can be cut and assembled. A dinosaur search uncovered the “Spinosaurus”, a 31 piece project perfect for his age. The project was brought into Vectric’s V-Carve Pro and after a little work assigning dog bone fillets (hows that for irony) to the inside assembly vectors, the tool paths were generated and the job was completed in less than 1/2 hour. I used a 1/16″ bit running at 22000 RPM fed at 32 IPM with a pass depth of 0.06″. I guessed at the feed and speed and they were spot on. The following photos tell the story of how it was cut. We sincerely hope that Rylind likes the gift and that it helps him in his recovery.

Cutting the Puzzle

The Spinosaurus parts were cut from 1/8″ plywood. Because this thin material doesn’t lay uniformly flat, the Z axis was zeroed using the table surface instead of the top of the plywood. The cutout tool path was set to the exact thickness of the plywood and it cut perfectly.

Separating the Pieces

After the sheet was cut, it was sanded on both sides and the parts were removed by cutting the tabs with a very fine pointed knife.

Ready for Assembly

Here is a look at the parts before testing the assembly instructions.

Completed Spinosaurus 1

I’m impressed with the quality of the part fit. The model is free standing with no glue.

Completed Spinosaurus 2

A closer look at the completed Spinosaurus model (oops, the tail is on upside down). If Rylind’s parents provide a photo of him after he assembles it, I will post it below.

Rylind Opening Package

Rylind shows off the contents of a package he received in the mail. I think he likes it!

Rylind Assembling the Puzzle

It didn’t take long for Rylind to put the puzzle together. This guy is really concentrating on the assembly. Unlike me, he even put the tail on correctly!

Thumbs Up

This photo sums it up! His mom said that Rylind will dismantle the puzzle and re-assemble it with glue. Good job Rylind!