Landscape Timber Flower Pot


Landscaping timber drop offs

I hate to waste material left over from a project so I try to come up with an idea to use it.  When I can’t think of anything, it becomes the old standby, a flower pot!  I recently had drop offs from some landscaping timbers that fit into this category.  Using a chop saw, the timbers were cut at 45 degree angles to uniform lengths.  The table saw was fitted with a dado stack wide enough to accommodate a piece of cedar for the bottom.  The timbers were glued and cross nailed together to form squares.  Finally, the squares were stacked and doweled and nailed together to form the completed flower pot.  It will be interesting to see how long the pot lasts in the harsh outside environment because the corners are not very tight.  Oh well, if it falls apart, the junk man gets it later than sooner.


Mitering the corners



Dado stack ready for grooving bottom slot

















Cutting grooves with dado blade


















Bottom grooves cut



Drilling drain holes in bottom




















Gluing the corners



















Cross nailing the corners



















Final glue up



















Completed flower pot ready for action